The normalization of your skins natural function”

Cosmetic Ozone BannerOzone therapy has many applications. It’s been used in surgery, dermatology and urology. It can treat viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. One of its primary focuses is preventing ailments in addition to treating them. It’s healing powers are well documented. Considering its versatility, many practitioners felt that it could be used in cosmetology. The results have been very positive. Cosmetic ozone therapy has the ability to treat acne, rosacea, hair loss, remove scars, allergies, reverse wrinkles, cellulite and improve your skins ability to retain water. All of these conditions reflect the internal state of the organism. Over time, if not cared for, the skin becomes exhausted, keratin layers increase, and we lose elasticity due to free radicals. Derived from metabolic processes, free radicals disrupt the production and maintenance of collagen in the skin. When collagen fibers are inadequate in number or misaligned, the skin structure degrades. As it degrades, we lose elasticity and wrinkles begin to form. Some key enzymes experience a decrease in activity as well, leading to cell deficiency. Cosmetic ozone works because it acts on the exterior and interior processes of your body unlike traditional cosmetic procedures. Ozone treats skin degradation at the source by improving cell efficiency. This is achieved through the improvement of microcirculation, oxygenation, and energy supply of cells. The result is proper tropism and an increase in the organisms immunity. This results in much longer gaps between appointments and much happier skin.

Currently, there are two methods of application for cosmetic ozone therapy. The systemic method uses injected drop-by-drop infusions made of an ozonated solution that is combined with stem cells generated from the patients blood. The local method uses microscopic needles to open up your pores as the ozonated stem cell solution is applied to diffuse your skin topically. After 3-4 days, the patient will begin to observe an ironing out of wrinkles, increased skin turgor, decreased face pastosity, improvement of facial color, and a comforting glow. Other results may include a decrease in skin dryness and reduced skin constriction. There have also been no recorded side effects except for some soreness that may last up to 24 hours.