Detoxification: Now is the time

The issue of detoxification tends to bring to mind extreme fasting, spartan diets, and colonics. It is important to remember that the body detoxifies every second – it is something that every single one of your one hundred trillion cells does, whether you know about it or not! The level of efficiency of cellular detoxification is directly related to your level of health and well-being. There are ways to enhance your body’s natural detoxification function safely and naturally.

More technology, poorer health

The increase of chronic illness in this country is astounding. Asthma, allergies, gynecological problems, prostate problems, thyroid disorders – the list seems endless. With all of the medical breakthroughs, the health status of Americans is declining. How can this be?

Most of the medical breakthroughs have been in the areas of pharmaceuticals and surgery. Drugs and surgery do not actually create better health. They can manage symptoms wonderfully and work well in times of trauma and pain. They can even buy us time as we are in the process of creating better health.

For example, after bypass surgery, the patient is not really healthier when he leaves the hospital; he is just out of immediate danger – hopefully. If he continues the lifestyle that created the problem, chances are he’ll be back in the hospital with a similar or a multitude of other health issues.

However, now that he’s bought some time, he can be assisted to investigate the cause of the problem (in this case, possibly nutritional deficiencies and metal toxicity), and work with his healthcare professional to actually create optimal health.

The limitations of our healthcare system

Some people have the illusion that our healthcare system can keep us healthy. It is important to remember that our healthcare system is available when we seek alleviation from symptoms, but it is what we do every single day that either adds or subtracts from our health and happiness.

Toxicity on the planet is an increasing concern, and its link to chronic illness is evident. Even the American Cancer Society states that three-quarters of all cancer cases are related to environmental pollution. We have screening methods available everywhere, but screening is not prevention. If you detect something sooner, the theory is that earlier treatment produces better results. But the disease itself is not actually being prevented; to the contrary, the fact that it was found during a screening means that it had already developed.

Your body gives you signals when it is headed in a direction away from optimal health. Fatigue, indigestion, constipation, skin conditions, weight issues, food cravings, depression/anxiety, poor stress management, blood sugar problems, hormone imbalances, frequent colds and flu, headaches, insomnia, joint/muscle pain, mood swings, and allergies are often signs of toxicity.

Many people are operating at a suboptimal level of health, and have “just gotten used to it.” Take a look at some of the traits of optimal health and see if these characteristics describe your experience.

Traits of optimal health

  • A feeling of energy is available throughout the day
  • A youthful and age-defying physical appearance is evident
  • Sleep comes easily and lasts until morning
  • There is a feeling of being refreshed upon awakening
  • Digestion is comfortable
  • Energy is present after meals
  • Bowel movements occur comfortably, one to three times a day
  • Urination take place every few hours
  • The skin is clear and glowing
  • The hair has a glossiness and shine
  • Illness is rare and departs quickly
  • The mind is clear and alert
  • A wide range of activities can be enjoyed
  • There is a feeling of being challenged without feeling overwhelmed
  • The body is toned and flexible
  • A comfortable weight is maintained
  • The eyes are shiny and clear
  • There is a feeling of gratitude
  • Obstacles and setbacks are seen as opportunities for growth
  • Emotions are stable
  • Joy, laughter, and happiness are experienced daily
  • Sexual energy is balanced
  • Relationships are supportive, enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilling
  • There is a sense of purpose in life
  • A sense of inner peace is attained and enjoyed

If you enjoy most of these qualities of good health, congratulations!

A comprehensive detoxification program can assist you in maintaining excellent health.

If the qualities of good health listed above seem like something from a science fiction movie to you, congratulations as well. You have a wonderful opportunity to learn how to dramatically improve your health and your life.

You are as healthy as your cells

Back in third-grade science, you learned that an organism (you, homo sapiens) is made up of systems (digestive, cardiovascular, immune, etc.); systems are made up of organs (liver, kidneys, etc.); organs are made up of tissues (muscle, cardiac, etc.); and tissues are made up of cells (skin cells, bone cells, etc.).

You have over one hundred trillion cells, and every one of them has specific needs. They have needs for properly digested nutrients, and they have needs to have their waste products removed promptly.

Seem pretty simple and basic? Well, it is, but in our nutrient-depleted, toxin-overloaded society, very few people have cells that are getting what they need. Most people have cells that are overloaded with what they don’t need – toxins.

The experiment that says it all - detox is crucial to health!

A remarkable experiment by Nobel-prize winning scientist Dr. Alexis Carrel illustrates the power of detoxification and proper nourishment. In 1912, at the Rockefeller Institute, Carrel took living tissue from a chicken heart and submerged it in a solution that provided optimal nourishment.

Every day the used solution, which then contained toxic waste materials excreted from the cells, was replaced with a fresh nutrient solution. Under ideal conditions, the tissue continued to live for 34 years – more than three times a chicken’s natural life expectancy of 11 years. One day the waste-filled solution wasn’t removed, and the chicken heart tissue died!

Here is your roadmap to radiant health - get in the driver's seat!

There is an abundance of information today regarding what it takes to create optimal health. Often the information is confusing, conflicting, and presented by marketing people, not health experts. Below is a review of the key areas on which to focus in order to create or reclaim abundant health and energy.

The Seven Pillars of Radiant Health

  • Optimal Water Intake
  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Optimal Elimination
  • Reduction of Toxic Influences and Increase of Beneficial Influences
  • Regular Exercise
  • Peace of Mind

Eliminate your health destroyers

Common health-destroyers may be tearing down your health. Read down the list and identify each negative factor that pertains to you. Then make a firm resolve to eliminate each factor. Enjoy the journey back to excellent health. It’s never too late to choose great health. The following is a list of common health-destroyers that are known to aid the development of chronic disease.

  1. Decaying teeth. Old tooth decay (whether it is painful or not) can cause chronic symptoms in other parts of your body.
  2. Dead teeth. A dead tooth slowly releases putrid by-products which can cause chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms in your body.
  3. Silver fillings in your teeth. Silver fillings contain toxic heavy metals such as mercury, a known health destroyer. Replace your silver fillings with bio-compatible fillings.
  4. Toxic dental work. Most common dental materials are toxic. Replace toxic dental work with biocompatible dental materials.
  5. Old root canals. Conventional root canal therapy typically uses gutta percha (which contains mercury, barium, cadmium, and lead) to fill the canals. These toxic metals slowly leach into the body.
  6. Exposure to cigarette/cigar smoke. Firsthand and secondhand smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals. Avoid breathing smoke from any source.
  7. Tap water. Most city tap water is toxic and may contain over 2,000 known contaminants, including harmful chemicals, germs, and parasites. Install an adequate home water purification system or drink only recommended brands of purified water.
  8. Indoor air pollution. The air in your home may contain thousands of chemicals (unseen) from the out-gassing of many chemicals from rugs, paint, furniture, cleaning products, cooking, heating, dry cleaning, etc. as well as molds, mites, and dust. Air out your home regularly, even in the winter time. Avoid breathing hair sprays and beauty shop chemicals.
  9. Outdoor air pollution. Avoid breathing polluted outside air. If you live in a big city with heavy smog or in an area with toxic airborne pollutants, the best solution may be to move to a healthier environment. Avoid exercise near auto exhaust.
  10. Hair dyes and permanents. These harmful chemicals can be absorbed through your scalp and then migrate into your systemic circulation. Avoid using them.
  11. Exposure to pesticides, insecticides, fungicides. These are at the very top of the list of cancer-causing agents. Avoid eating commercially grown food (which is high in pesticides) and eating out.
  12. “Bad” Fats. Avoid eating fried foods (such as French fries, chips, bacon, etc.) and hydrogenated oils (such as mayonnaise, margarine, etc.) which are linked to cancer and liver degeneration.
  13. Foods/drinks with “natural flavors.” The cute name, “natural flavors”, is a spin doctor term for MSG, monosodium glutamate, a dangerous neurotoxin which can cause brain cells to explode. Avoid products with “natural flavors” listed in the ingredients; there is nothing “natural” about MSG.
  14. Foods/drinks with aspartame. Aspartame is a toxic chemical sweetener. Thousands of adverse reactions to aspartame, such as headaches, digestive problems, allergic reactions, etc. are reported to the FDA every month. Avoid this hazardous chemical.
  15. Soft drinks. They contain a variety of harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, aspartame, “natural flavors” (MSG), caffeine, THC (toxic brown coloring), etc. Every soft drink is another nail in your coffin.
  16. Hybrid foods. Hybrid fruits and vegetables (what you get in commercial grocery stores) are missing many nutrients. Get back to organically grown foods raised from open pollinated seed for highest stamina and vitality. Avoid hybrid produce and its high levels of contaminants (such as pesticides, etc.).
  17. Refined foods. Devitalized foods which contain white flour, white rice, and white sugar offer toxic food chemicals that are associated with poor health and early death. Instead eat whole, fresh, grade 10 foods.
  18. Red meat. Red meat contains a whopping 44 times more phosphorus than calcium. A person eating red meat on a regular basis can become very calcium deficient. Calcium is the key master mineral which keeps the body in the healthy alkaline zone. Without sufficient calcium, hundreds of physiological bodily processes simply cannot take place. The lower your calcium levels, the poorer your health. Switch to protein sources which are easier to digest.
  19. Toxic personal care and household products. Most personal care items currently on the market (such as shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers, facial cleansers, cleaning agents, etc.) contain chemicals which are potentially toxic. These chemicals are absorbed through your skin into your body and can create ill health. Avoid toxic household products such as most dishwashing liquids, cleaning agents, etc.

Detoxify your body. Even after you stop using toxic household and personal care products (such as commercial toothpaste, shampoo, skin care lotions, cleaners, etc.) you still need to detoxify the buildup of these toxics that have accumulated in your body by using external medical-grade clay packs.