Redox Signaling: Healthy Cells Lead to a Healthy Body

Our body is made up of trillions of cells. They are the building blocks of our body. Just like our body, each individial cell has an underlying structure that requires a healthy environment to function properly. You can think of redox signaling moelcules as the smallest common denominator for our health. To really understand the process we need to take a closer look at how our cells function. As our cells generate engergy (ATP), the mitochondria (powerplant) gives off molecules known as redox signaling molecules. Initially, they were thought to be an inconsequential byproduct of energy production, but know thousands of scientific studies have shown that these molecules are involved in every major bodily system and function. They activate antioxidants and provide critical cell to cell communication. Aging, dietary habits and environmental stress create imbalances in these molecules leading to significant cellular deficiencies. Three primary systems that are directly affected by an imbalance in redox signaling are cardiovascular system, immune system, and skin. The imbalance can be caused by two primary stressors, oxidative stress and inflammatory stress. The first is analogous to biological rusting and the latter is a reactive condition. In order to reach a balanced state, these stressors must be mitigated. If we look at predominant health issues throughout the United States from the vantage point of redox signaling molecules, they begin to shine light on these most troubling medical dilemas.

One of our primary bodily functions is the recycling of cells. Cell death requires some type of replacement. As we age, our cellular renewal slows down. An imbalance in redox signalling moelcules will aggrevate this process. Overtime, we begin to see the results of these imbalances manifesting as serious health conditions. Each of these health conditions can be categorized under a specific stressor. These health conditions include but are not limited to heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes (oxidative stressors) or skin conditions, cancer, and allergies (inflammatory stressors). Experts suggest a regulated diet, regular exercise and redox supplementation to keep your cells healthy. Two products that are producing outstanding results are ASEA and Renu 28. Both manufactured by ASEA LLC, ASEA is a drink made of sodium and chloride that contains an abundance of revitalizing redox signalling molecules that your body needs. Renu 28 is a topical creme that can work from the outside in and treat skin conditions with great success. If you want to renew your body and feel younger, you need to target illness at the source by giving your cells what they need to function and do your part to keep your body going strong.