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No pain at all after major dental surgery! How is that possible? Dr. Hong took out a titanium implant which had an infection around it. When I went home after the long and complex surgery, I did not have any pain that day or any time after that day. She did stem cell treatment and ozone treatment right after the extraction and cleaning out the infected areas. My assumption is that these treatments contributed in some way to my experience of feeling no pain after the whole set of procedures. I did the liquid only diet she recommended and at the first follow up visit a week later – the area was doing well and healing nicely.
When the metal implant came out, I smelled a really bad odor – which I think was the smell of the infection that had developed around the implant. I’m glad it got cleaned out instead of festering longer in an enclosed area of my body. I was reluctant to put metal into my body – even though titanium is widely used for implants. At the time I had that implant put in, I had no choice and was using another dentist who sent me to a specialist to have the implant done.
As soon as the metal came out, I noticed that my body was ‘relieved’. It’s a subtle feeling and there is nothing to ‘prove’. I just knew that my body was rid of something that had not done it good. The feeling persists.
What I really appreciate about Dr. Hong is her persistence in completing difficult procedures and the vast array of skills and knowledge she has wrapped up all in one person. She is doing both my dental work and the implant work – all by herself. Plus she uses the stem cell and ozone treatments – which I had not received before. Her knowledge and experience are impressive and I needed all of it for this metal implant extraction.
~Noemi B.

I am very thankful for the Ozone treatments that I received at the dental office of Dr. Sook Hong.  I have been suffering from facial pain for a few months and no doctor seemed to know why I had pain.  As I have visited multiple doctors to find an answer and one dentist told me that pain was coming from my wisdom tooth.  He recommended me to pull my wisdom tooth, so I did. After the pulling of my wisdom tooth, pain on my face skyrocketed. The pain was so intense I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was taking some pain medication it was the only way I could go to sleep.

I had 5 root canal teeth on the left side of my mouth, and I was experiencing sharp, stabbing, shooting pain on the left side of my face that centered on those root canal teeth.  My former Endodontist said there is no way that all 5 teeth would hurt due to an infection. He strongly suspected Trigeminal Neuralgia (nerve pain – not tooth pain) and recommended a trip to the Neurologist.  So I got a medical CT scan done and the Medical Doctor agreed that I might have Trigeminal Neuralgia. They also told me that there is no cure other than taking pain medication. However, I felt that the pain was coming from my teeth.

Thankfully, I had a friend who recommended that I see Dr. Hong.  So I went to see Dr. Hong. Dr. Hong was able to give me a special CT scan of my jaw and she identified infection in all 5 teeth that were bothering me.  At that first visit, she treated them with Ozone and the sharp stabbing pain was greatly reduced immediately. For the first time in 2 weeks, I could sleep without taking Vicodin.  As soon as she could, she pulled 3 of my infected teeth. Then we waited two weeks for my mouth of heal before continuing with the surgery of my remaining infected teeth. During that time, she continued to treat the infected teeth with the Ozone and that helped the pain while we waited.  Now, I am free of infection and my face no longer has that horrible sharp shooting pain and I don’t feel like I’m going to lose my mind! The extraction sites healed very quickly. I also received intravenous Ozone therapy twice during the recovery time. I feel that it was the combination of IV Ozone Therapy and the injections of Ozone in my mouth that made my mouth heal rapidly.  The intravenous Ozone Therapy always made my pain decrease each time I received it. I also noted that since I have had these intravenous Ozone Therapies, a problem with my feet has greatly improved. I have had athlete’s foot for over 50 years, and now they don’t itch anymore and the skin looks much better. Thank you, Dr. Sook Hong for your devotion to the field of dentistry. You are much appreciated by many!

~ George Hipple


I am a patient of Dr. Sook Hong, and have to honestly say that her work as a biological dentist is giving me a chance to life pain free for the first time in my life.

I have suffered for 3 and half decades from chronic pain and fatigue and have never been able to work full time, having been fired from several jobs that I did not have the stamina to perform successfully.

Dr. Sook Hong identified a debilitating situation which involved a disease that has been festering in my jaw bone since having root canals in my two front teeth when I was a teenager. No doctor has been able to diagnose what my problem was until this past year. Dr. Sook Hong has been very gentle, loving and also confident in her work with me.

Over the past half year, my chronic headaches have all disappeared, I seldom feel pain, and my fatigue is reversing to where I no longer need naps, no longer fall asleep while driving, and have greater clarity of thinking and of personal will. My physical stamina has increased, my libido has returned, and I feel positive about entering the workforce, even at the late stage of being in my 60s.

I am so grateful to Dr. Hong for her good work.

~Marie Grace Brook


Dr. Hong is an excellent dentist-knowledgeable, thorough and professional.

Beyond that, Dr. Hong genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being. When she discovered that one of my teeth had been too compromised by a decayed under an old mercury amalgam filling and could not be saved, she was greatly saddened. Her compassion makes her strive to do the very best for her patients, and that is what I appreciate the most about Dr. Hong.

I also must add that her staff-Kamal, Julie and Jamie-really made me feel welcomed and cared for through the many grueling weeks of dental work. There is a definite sense of camaraderie and support from everyone in Dr. Hong’s office. Dr. Hong and her staff made going to the dentist almost pleasant, which is quite an accomplishment considering all of the drilling, numbing shots, tooth pain and tenderness.

~Sarah Lau


I have found Dr. Sook Hong to be far and away the most competent and skilled dentist that has ever worked with me. Her exceptional competence is matched by her obvious heart-centered caring for her patients. My reasons for this strong recommendation are as follows:

I first came to her in September of 2013 anxious that my nausea was being caused by an infected tooth. The first thing Dr. Hong did was to muscle test me. She found that my nausea was caused by Parasite infestation in my gut. This was something that i had not even considered. Being a board certified Naturopath as well as a dentist, she was able to provide me with a very effective herbal remedy for my Parasite infestation.

I continue to be impressed with the range of healing modalities Dr. Hong brings to her dentistry work. She has an enthusiasm for integrating the most advanced holistic healing techniques into her practice. This gives her the ability to provide a standard of holistic healing care for her patients that surpasses the conventional standards of orthodox dentistry.

In my case, this is evidenced by her use of Ozone therapy as an adjunct to her normal dentistry practice. Not only does she knowledgeably provide Ozone injection as a healing function for my entire body; she has also used ozone injection therapy to clean and save three of my seriously infected teeth that would, in conventional dentistry, either have to be extracted or require me to undergo expensive root canal procedures. Dr. Hong is innovative an resourceful approach has saved me a great deal of money.

My confidence in Dr. Hong is based on my sense that she is very comfortable combining the best of cutting-edge scientific dentistry with the self-confidence that one can find in a truly gifted intuitive healer.

It appears to me that this can often exceed the expectations of conventional dentistry. I have to say that I feel fortunate indeed.

~Graema Jones


I wish you could have seen me before I started my treatment with Dr. Hong. I was in serious pain. My jaw clicked with regularity and locked frequently. My body tensed and my neck was never relaxed. I lost my appetite and ate because I needed to, not because I wanted to. And I never looked forward to sleeping because I had chronic migraines every single morning.

My TMJ disability started abruptly one morning for no apparent reason. I was hoping it would just go away by itself but instead, it got worse and worse. Not really knowing what it was, I went to see my Orthodontist. He did not know what to do with it.

Over 2.5 years, I searched everywhere for someone, anyone to help me out. Every physician told me to see a dentist and every dentist told me to see a physician. While claiming disability pay for the TMJ with the United State Army after my Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment, the examining dentist and the physician told me that I am going to have to live with it for the rest of my life. They signed off on everything between increasing doses of Celebrex (COX-II inhibitor), 2400mg of ibuprofen (Motrin) and every Elavil (an antidepressant). No drug was fixing the problem. They were merely alleviating the pain.

I must have visited at least 15 doctors who called themselves everything from Chiropractor, Physical therapist, Dentist, Physician and even Acupuncturist before I went in for a prognosis with Dr. Hong. She had an aura of confidence about her that I thought many would mistake for arrogance or even hubris. With some skepticism mixed in with a renewed sense of optimism, I urgently started my treatment.

I started my treatment in summer of 2004 and finished in Feb. 2009. The final year and half I was living in New York and consistently flying out to California to see Dr. Hong every 2 months. It all seems like a long time but that only means that I have been virtually pain-free for just as long. I now look forward to eating and sleeping, although I probably sleep too much now. My jaw no longer clicks nor does it lock up. And my neck pain has subsided significantly especially in the last few months of the treatment.

Dr. Hong has changed my life and thank you.

– Elliott Kim
B.S. Business Administration, UC Berkeley
Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran


Searching the San Francisco Bay area for a state-of-the-art holistic dentist, I fortunately found Dr. Sook Hong, DDS. I am finding Dr. Hong to be a highly dedicated holistic healer. She tirelessly uses her spare time acquiring current holistic practices so she can make a difference in the wellbeing of her patients. Her confidence as a dentist with over 20 years of practice I find amazing and reassuring. I am in expert hands. She demonstrates her expertise by performing all dental procedures with technically advanced equipment-no need to be referred onto a specialist for extractions, root canals, etc or wait for a crown to be made at a lab. My decision to place myself under her care for the removal of 7 amalgams and guidance in the mercury detoxification process is presenting itself to be a solid one. I am very grateful to Dr. Hong for her healing care.

Added benefits have resulted from her gifted muscle testing abilities and allergy relief therapy expertise. Also with her keen intellect and sharp listening skills, she guides and encourages me to let go of old beliefs and open myself up for healing. With her amazingly advanced muscle testing skills, she has determined what supplements are or are not beneficial for my body and also pinpoint optimal dosages. She has treated my allergic reactions or sensitivities to substances.

When I first came to her, Vit. C caused my throat to restrict to the point having an asthma attack. After treatment, she had me take a dose of Vit. C and I had no negative reactions at all. Also, she treated me for sensitivities to oatmeal and I now can enjoy this favorite food. I am totall amazed.

I am finding the Photon wave therapy beneficial on an emotional level and with detoxification. It is well worth investing the time and money in doing this alternative therapy. Even with the first treatment, I was able to see results.

– Gail Topp, Retired


Dr. Hong is the very first dentist I have no fear of going to. I have had nightmarish experiences in the past with dentists and because of that I have not had my `maintenance` work done for a long time. However, Dr. Hong has changed all of that; she is painless, kind and extremely knowledgeable! Because of Dr. Hong, I have taken steps in other areas of my life to work on my health that I would not have done otherwise. Dr. Hong takes time to educate her patients on health of mouth and the rest of the body. If more dentists were like Dr. Hong, I believe it would reverse the sad reputation that dentists have had for so long!

-Barbara Foster


Dr. Hong is an amazing, multitalented dentist. She has been helping me with TMJ pain and related issue such as fatigue as well as nutrition.

I can’t recommend her highly enough for chronic issues or nagging mysterious symptoms. She will thoughly test patients and get to the bottom of their symptoms. I am referring my family members to her for treatment.

– Jennifer Coffey


As a patient with a health care background, I was thankful to find an Orthodontist with the knowledge, caring and attention to detail that is a cut above the rest. I came to see Dr. Hong because a crooked tooth was cutting my lower lip often when I chewed. I have had many compliments from friends and family about how great my teeth took and my jaw is no longer recessed. My bite is greatly improved and chewing food is now a pleasure. One day I limped into her office with a administered cranial work. I felt great and healed quickly. Although I live a distance from her office the 2 hours drive one way is more than worth my time for the assurance of such great care.

– Shirley Victoria, DC


Quite simply Dr. Hong is the best. Why?

I have been all over California to find dentist who knows how to apply Holistic and Biological practice to dentistry.

Dr. Hong constantly educate herself to a whole host of issues that affect us all that other dentists are afraid to or refuse to even look at.

Dr. Hong is truly a pioneer in her field.

– Sean Kent


I came in to see Dr. Hong as a general dentist, but soon discovered that she has much more to offer.

1st Appointment (Filling): I asked what flavor the numbing solution was. The answer was Strawberry. I immediately tensed up, notified her of my strawberry allergy and asked that she use something else. She confidently let me know that she could cure the allergy.

I proceeded to explain my entire medical background with this allergy including the reaction which was anaphylaxis. A bite into one strawberry and my airway closes within 1-2 minutes. I kept an EPI pen in my purse and in my car. Although she was sympathetic to how I felt, I quickly realized that my explanation was not serving as a valid reason to her. Her confidence on being able to heal me never wavered.

2nd Appointment (Filling): She put strawberry numbing solution on my gums. I tasted it and immediately my heart started racing. She scraped it out. She said “Ok that’s it, i’m going to treat you today so you don’t have to live with it anymore!” I received her treatment, which was a combination of muscle testing and teaching my body to stop treating the strawberries like the enemy. I was eating a strawberry 10 minutes after her treatment. Being a documentary filmmaker, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without recording it on video. I can now eat my favorite fruit again. I am THRILLED.

I’d not only recommend Dr. Hong as a Dentist but as a holistic health care expert.

Dr. Hong, I can’t thank you enough!

– Felicia Giouzelis, Film maker


Dr. Hong corrected mistakes other dentists had done with my teeth. She is very health consciences and thorough with her work. She goes all the way to get the job done completely and correctly with no pain. She truly cares about each patient too.

I had 5 infected root canal teeth and she removed them very safely. Other dentists I have seen did not even take x-rays to check if there was an infection in my root canal teeth. I love the fact that Dr. Hong uses safe ozone treatment to kills germs completely and safely. She is truly a remarkable, wonderful human being and I have recommended my friends to come to see her.

-Rochelle Benard, Retired, Cancer surviror


I have been an Orthodontic patient with Dr. Hong for 2 years. Dr.Hong’s holistic approach is remarkable. She resolved my pain which seems caused by an Orthodontic treatment I received previously. Dr. Hong explained why my problem occurred and possible consequences if untreated. Whenever I see Dr. Hong, I am so impressed with her knowledge in dentistry and nutrition. Dr. Hong explained to me how our body is all related so that I can understand how important it is to care for my teeth to keep my body healthy. I am using Ozonated olive oil every night and my pain around the gum disappeared.

Since I started an orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hong, I changed my regular dental care to her as well. It never fail to surprise about her knowledge and new dental technology such as an amazing Ozone therapy, Ceramic fillings. Dr. Hong even has the machines for ceramic carving and ozone generator in her office so that I didn’t have to wait few days to get done.

I now have my braces removed and I am so happy with my smile. I would say that Dr. Hong deserve more than 5 stars.

~Miyoung Lee


I have enjoyed my experienced with Dr. Sook Hong as my dentist. She has done extensive work on me;6 crowns in a short period of time, one extraction and deep cleaning for gum issues. She is gentle, kind and compassionate to the most sensitive individuals like those in my family. Dr. Hong has state of art tools at her ready. I am confident and pleased she continues her education which is cutting edge and on a regular basis attends seminars in her field. Dr. Hong is also a Board Certified Naturopath and her help nutritionally has been very helpful.

She has at her office many energetic tools which I have tried and been cured of long standing mold allergy issues. She has been very helpful in helping with other allergy relief symptoms as well; food related. I have had her do cranial/sacral work on me when she was extracting a tooth. I became fearful before and during an extraction procedure and her genuine and innate ability to heal provided me with immediate relief with the cranial therapy so we could then continue.

Dr. Hong uses ozone in many ways that definitely speeds the healing process. She is knowledgeable of many of the current environmental issues affecting people today and can offer relief in many ways. I have greatly benefited from her dental work and allergy treatments. I am very glad to have found on dentist in my area. I highly recommend Dr. Hong for all dental work. I am just starting TMJ work with her and find her extremely thorough and meticulous. I look forward to getting work done with her and that is not usually said of most dentists. I am so glad to have found her.

Alison Foster San Francisco Bay Area, CA